The Secret To A Baked Potato

Baked Potato's are really hit and miss for some. A lot of people I find char them 'till they scrape off ash. Totally not appetizing. I learned a great way to maked baked potato's so they're perfect every time.

You'll need a couple regular potatoes, and a fork. Use your fork to take all your frustrations out on the potato, poking it over and over, about 5 times each side. When all potatoes are poked, put them on a microwave safe plate and pop them in the microwave. About 12 minutes for 4 regular sized potatoes, or until the fork can go in, and you're not struggling to take it out.

Once the potatoes are microwaved, you just need to put them on the BBQ, or in the oven !

Et voila, perfect Baked Potatoes, every time.

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