Healthy Eating & Losing Weight

Here's some tips and tricks to eating healthier whether it's at home or in a fast food restaurant.

I kept track of what I was eating using an Excel spreadsheet, but myfitnesspal.com is another way you can keep track of what you eat. The benefit to keeping track is so you know what foods are bette for you. I also used a Weight Watchers app on Android which gave me the number of points to consume (based on the information I gave) then it would convert whatever I ate to points which is one of the main reasons why I lost weight. It's also why I kept an excel spreadsheet.

Now watching what you eat/going on a diet doesn't mean you can't eat out at restaurants. I can eat at Wendy's, McDonald's, and other places and not gain anything. How? You can get their nutritional information from their websites which helps you plan your meals before you go. Some are a PDF that you can save (like Wendy's) and can look at it anytime you need to whereas others you have to go back to the site. Overtime this will become second nature and you won’t need to resort to the nutritional information that often unless you want to change it up. With the android app, you can see how many points the food will give you before you order it.

One other thing that I have used is a Green Tea Appetite Suppressant (Walgreens brand) which is about $6 for 30 pills. The directions say take 2 a day, but I was taking one a day and still lost weight; however, everyone is different including their bodies so do what works for you.

Eating  healthy and losing weight is not an easy task, but it is a rewarding one plus it can be completely customized to what you want.

Now unless you have an Android phone, you won’t be able to bring the app with you because I’d doubt you’d want to carry a tablet around while grocery shopping (I know I wouldn’t). If you look up the company and/or food then you might be able to find the nutritional information which will help you plan your trip. If you can’t then do what I do: shop whole grains/wheat, buy fresh fruit or frozen fruit – NOT the canned because it actually isn’t that good for you. If you have thyroid disease – avoid eating too many raw veggies (more on that later) plus your diet can be more complex than someone without it.

I hope this helps steer you in a direction :)

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