Kids & Nutrition

I don't have kids, but I do know that kids should not be automatically put into the 'typical kid' mold of only liking chicken nuggets and hot dogs. I heard someone say the only day, after being asked why her child only eats cereal and fruit juice "She's a typical kid, all kids are like this until they're a teenager then they eat only pizza and fries". She was very serious about this, and definitely didn't say this in a joking manner.

Some cereal is great, don't get me wrong, but to eat this and only this, and to think it's acceptable not to try to introduce anything else because 'he/she wont like it, don't bother' is simply insane! I'm pretty sure her daughter wasn't eating Kashi cereal, either.

This is exactly the mindset of a parent who will have a future fussy eater, then wonder why! I've personally see this happen with my own eyes, and it's sad. There are so many different foods and experiences to have around food, that the child won't have when they're older because they'll be too fussy to try. I've been to lunch with a friend, who, on the entire menu, only liked the french fries, he was that picky.

It's sad to see people give up on nutrition and health, and I wish I could flip a switch to make them care.

Here's to one of many posts about children and nutrition!

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